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Your Free Energetic Tool for Solving Inner Conflicts!

We all have moments when it feels like we’re at war with ourselves. Part of us wants one thing, and part of us wants another. Or maybe we’re absolutely sure what we want, but somehow we can’t find the energy or motivation to do it. At these times, we’re usually told to be compassionate adult witnesses to these fighting thoughts and feelings. But how exactly do we do that? How can we generate creative solutions to our inner conflicts?


Well, this incredible energetic tool helps you do just that! This technique is so powerful that after using it for the first time I was able to design and implement my first personal development course, after months of being stuck! I also teach this technique in my program, Making Room for All of Me, and one of the participants said it was her absolute favorite part and that she’s done it again and again.


So how do you use this tool? I’ve outlined the steps below. Feel free to read through them and try the technique on your own, or click on the video link above for a guided meditation version I made for you!  


1. Identify the inner conflict


So for the first step, identify the inner conflict you want to work with. It might be two thoughts that are completely different, or a thought and a feeling that are contradictory. It could be something you think you should do and something you want to do. It might even be something you want but you’re subconsciously blocking yourself from. Just think of the conflict. Don’t try to get into it too much; right now you want to be neutral.


2. Bring the energy of one side into your body


So after thinking of your conflict and getting into a neutral space, pick the side of the conflict you want to work with first. This may be a thought or feeling or a desire. Concentrating on that thought or feeling, see what your body is doing. See how you’re sitting, how you’re breathing. See whatever emotions come up, or if any images come up, or what kinds of thoughts you are having. Just notice this energy. Just notice how it feels when this energy is active within you.


3. Bring the energy into your hand


So right now, you should be able to feel the energy in your whole body. Imagine moving the energy into your hand. Either hand works perfectly well. You can visualize this – pulling all of the energy from your body so that it’s concentrated in your hand – or just feel it. Feel the energy moving into your hand; feel its weight in your hand.


4. Bring the conflicting energy into your body


So now, still holding onto the first energy in your hand, imagine bringing the conflicting energy or thought or feeling into your body. How do you feel now? How are you sitting? What kinds of things are you thinking? What differences do you notice with this energy? Again, just notice – how do you feel when this energy is working within you?


5. Feel that energy filling your other hand


So just like before, now move that energy from the entirety of your body until it’s concentrated in only one hand, the opposite hand that you used with the first energy. Feel the weight of it in your hand, just as you did with the first energy.


6. Now slowly bring your hands together…


As you bring your hands together, feel the two energies begin to touch. Don’t force your hands together too quickly!  You want to be able to feel them begin to interact with each other, feel if it’s hard to push them together or easy – if you do it to quickly, you’ll miss this subtle experience! Finally push the energy completely together, clasping your hands. Even if it’s a bit difficult, know you’re in control. You can push these energies together if you want!


7. Let the magic unfold!


You might feel the power of this technique right away – I know I certainly do! But what’s really profound about it is the changes in thoughts and feeling you experience in the following days and weeks. You’ll notice that you feel suddenly inspired with new ways to solve your problems – ways where both parts of you feel happy – even if you had considered that impossible before! 

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