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I had an hour with Mallory to work on releasing some old stuff that was keeping me going in circles. She gave me an exercise and some imagery that was so vivid and powerful and allowed me to do the work then and there under her guidance. A week later, that particular situation has transformed: I feel a new relaxation and peace that led to the (long overdue) end of a relationship. I'm so grateful for her intuitive and insightful help.

-Karen, USA

It's been a few weeks now and I have to say... I think the energetic cord attached to my heart is truly gone. I feel less heart pain (or ghost pains near my heart?) than before -- almost nothing -- and generally feel more balanced and healthier. I'm keeping up with exercise, which is helping but I think a lot of it stems from the spiritual letting go from the two sessions with you. That's all to say, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You're talented and amazing and I really appreciate your help.

-Yolande, Canada

The Reiki was awesome, I felt like some of my blockages were beginning to release themselves and I felt really clear without stress afterwards. I’ve had issues with my stomach on and off and I could feel the Reiki working to release that tension. I would highly recommend Mallory and will be keeping in touch for any future guidance I might need!

-Monique, Australia 

Thanks for the reading! I found it resonated with me and reinforced certain aspects of myself that I tend to allow myself to doubt. It felt very illuminating and I appreciated how Mallory took time to explain the insights she was sharing. I went into it with an open mind and was definitely glad I did it.

- Amy, USA

I had an opportunity to have my astrological reading done by Mallory. Initially I had some reservations and was not too sure of what to expect from the session. Very quickly Mallory made me feel very comfortable and I felt at ease in her presence. She was very professional, caring and explained of what problems or challenges I may go through in my life. Everything of what she said, it really resonated with me and my current situation. I was suprised but also grateful for her reading. I would be more than happy to join her session again. Definitely worth it!

-Justyna, Poland

I enjoyed how straightforward and clear Mallory was about what she was saying. It makes the reading really easy to understand. I know people have some wacky ideas about people who are into astrology have their heads in the clouds, but Mallory is very grounded. That coupled with a loving energy makes for a great reading. I think the session helped me see some of my "core being." It was really interesting to see my life from the perspective of the astrological chart and where the stars were when I was born. I really enjoyed my reading and I think that Mallory is very talented. It gave me a new appreciation of astrology and the people who have learned it.

-Rae, South Korea

Before my session with Mallory, I didn't appreciate the depth of insight an astrological reading could offer my life.  I now know that astrology is a complex and ancient language, that computer programs simply fail to convey.  Mallory's readings provide a well culled scientific and unparalelled understanding of the cosmic forces influencing your life! I left feeling illuminated and highly recommend them to individuals striving to understand their place in the universe!

-Liz, USA

Oh My Goodness- I have tears in my eye. No one has expressed the energy like you have for me. It felt so good to read your words-like a warm hug. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for your kindness and energy. I am SOO grateful for your beautiful words of LOVE and GRACE <3

-Razdy, USA

You are truly gifted and in tune. I had such chills reading what you wrote for me. I indeed have a book like you described. You also described me so well in my pursuits. My hair stood on end the entire reading. I thank you, and I appreciate you. This is resonating with me over and over as I think on it. And like water, I want to drink it up! I don't think I've ever had such an in-tune response to any advice. I feel like I'm babbling, but you quite literally took my breath and balance in your reading. I can't thank you enough.

-Leila, USA

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