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About Me

My life has been one long continuous movement from fear to love. 


When I was a child, I was afraid of everything. I was afraid of animals; I was afraid of strangers; I was afraid no one liked me; I was afraid of my own body. 


By the time I got to high school, my anxiety about life and who I was, coupled with the unhealed trauma very nearly killed me. I spent the next 10 years in the mental health system, taking up to eight pills a day to manage a condition I was told was chronic, genetic, and would never change.


But then something really miraculous happened. 


Love came into my life like a seed, and it began to spread its roots into who I was. And it was not just any kind of love - it was a miraculous, healing kind of love - one that I knew could never be taken away from me. And what kind of love was this?


It was love for myself.


Around six years ago, during an emotionally difficult time, my therapist said to me, "Why don't you try showing some compassion for yourself?" 


 I was taken aback by this. What did that even mean? How could that be accomplished? How could one have compassion for oneself? But I let the thought sit with me. Show compassion for yourself. 


And as I sat with this thought, something began to change in me.  I began to see and understand all of the emotional pain I had been carrying and had not permitted myself to feel or let go of. I began to have compassion for the child I was, who could not do anything about the sad things that happened to her and did not have any tools to process her pain. I allowed myself to feel feelings that I had buried for so long out of love for that child, out of love for myself. And I realized, as I began to do this for myself, that there had never been anything wrong with me - never anything chronic or genetic - never something that could not be healed. I had only been carrying around an enormous amount of emotional pain, pain that had infiltrated nearly every aspect of my life, pain that I could now let go of.


And as I began to let go of my emotional pain, something new began coming into my life. 


 This was a sense of excitement about who I was, about the gifts I could bring, about where I could go in my life.


By releasing my emotional pain, I was able to come more fully into myself, to redirect energy spent suppressing my pain into energy used for joy and growth. 


This lead to a spiritual awakening.


At that time, I hear a voice saying, "Give yourself a key. Give yourself a way to understand." A week later, I discovered astrology. Now I use the guidance she's gained from the stars to help people understand the cosmic forces working in their lives and unfold their unique destinies. In addition I’ve studied shamanic healing with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I also became a a certified spiritual and energetic coach through the Artist of the Spirit Coaching Training Program and a certified mind-body therapy practitioner.

I continued the practice of showing compassion for myself, which allowed me to move gracefully through life's challenges, and uncover more and more of the gifts that lay within me.


And now I want to share those gifts with you! It is my great privilege and pleasure to shine the light of love that I have found upon the painful places in all of us, and even more importantly, to reflect the light and love which already lives in you.    


One thing I have realized in my journey is that when you begin to recognize that you carry this kind of love inside yourself - and when you allow this love inside of you to in turn carry you - this love can heal everything. 


No matter what you are going through, this love can heal you. <3


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