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Life Coaching with Help from the Stars


A long time ago, sailors used something called celestial navigation to find their way through the ocean. By calculating the position of the stars overhead, and the angle they were making to the earth, they were able to find their way through the darkness, over a seemingly endless sea.


I love this image because this is the power of the stars – that they can help us find our way even in the middle of great uncertainty.


Astrology provides a map of our psyche that we can use to understand our lives. Not only does an astrological birth chart contain within it the patterns and myths we are likely to live out, the current positions of the stars overhead give us a way of understanding the events happening to us at any given time.


Knowing the cosmic forces at play in your life can help you to understand the best action to take at any given moment.


That’s why doing astrological life coaching is different than other kinds of life coaching.  Regular life coaching will help you to set goals and taken action towards them. But if a goal is not in alignment for you – it’s not going to happen. And how can you know if a goal is in alignment? By checking in with the stars. 


What Astrological Life Coaching Can Help You With


  • Discovering your purpose

  • Calling forth your natural gifts and talents

  • Understanding how cosmic timing is at play in your life

  • Helping you make decisions

  • Understanding what success means to you and how to achieve it

  • Knowing when to let go

  • Feeling better about yourself in your own skin

  • Knowing how to achieve more balance in your life


How it Works

Life coaching sessions are done over skype or phone call for an hour two-four times a month, depending on what you need. After an initial intake session where we discuss what your goals are, I will analyze the astrological forces at play in your life and we will determine together the course of action to take to deal with them. You may also receive guided meditations and energy healing in the life coaching sessions to remove energetic blocks at a deep level.

Astrological Life Coaching is $60 per session. When you book 5 sessions, you get the 6th one free. 

To learn more, book your complimentary 30 minute discovery session today. 

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