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Welcome to Astro*Class:


through the Stars

Have you ever wanted to have a deeper understanding of yourself or the world around you?

Astrology (which comes from the Greek words astro (stars) and logos (wisdom) - literally the wisdom of the stars!) is a powerful framework that can help you do both of these things. But it only helps us if we make a conscious effort to learn the wisdom each planet is trying to each us.

That's why I've created Astro*Class: Journey Through the Stars. 

Astro*Class is my nine month introductory astrology course that will guide you through each of the 8 planets and the two luminaries - the Sun and the Moon. 

Every month we'll work with a different planet and its corresponding sign so that you can understand the whole picture of astrology - not just what you read in your weekly horoscope!  We'll be focusing on the archetypal and energetic aspects of each planet, so that you can develop both a deep intellectual understanding and embodied experience of each planet. 

Who This Class is For

  • Complete beginners AND people familiar with astrology who want a deeper connection and understanding of the planets
  • People interested in an energetic and archetypal perspective on astrology

  • People who want to use the wisdom of astrology to grow and develop themselves

  • People who want to learn a useful framework for understanding the world

What You'll Get

Each month you'll receive class materials from me, including a video class to introduce you to the planet's energy and some reading material to further your knowledge.  The video is pre-recorded so that you can watch at your own convenience. Here we'll explore the archetypes associated with each planet and how to work with them in a chart.

In the video you will get also a guided meditation to connect you more deeply with the planet.  This is where the energetic part comes  in - doing the guided meditation will help you integrate the energy of the planet and allow you access to its wisdom - we can learn everything there is to know about a planet but still not truly understand it until we allow ourselves to feel and work with its energy - the guided meditation and worksheet will help you do just that! 

Monthly Schedule

August - The Sun and the Moon, Leo and Cancer

September - Mercury, Virgo and Gemini

October - Venus, Libra and Taurus

November - Pluto and Scorpio

December - Jupiter and Sagittarius

January - Saturn and Capricorn

February - Uranus and Aquarius

March - Neptune and Pisces

April - Mars and Aries


Special Bonus for You

Anyone signed up for Astro*Class will receive an on-going 20% discount on my life coaching services, which blend compassionate listening, energetic healing techniques, and astrological forecasting to create transformation in your life. 


The monthly membership fee for this class is $20 a month, or pay in full $150 (a savings of $30!)

Enroll Now

Pay in Full $150

($30 savings!)

Pay Monthly 

$20 per month

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